Chicago Neighborhoods – Chicago Real Estate

Are you in the market to buy a home in Chicago? Do you know where you plan to start looking? Chicago’s many neighborhoods have their own unique identities and customs. Which Chicago property is right for you? The only way to know is to get out and view some Chicago real estate in different areas. Here are a few communities to visit in your Chicago investment search.


Skokie (formerly Niles Centre) is a suburb of Chicago about 15 miles from the famous “Chicago Loop.” If you’re looking for a Chicago property it’s a great place to live, which means buyers will be interested in your property. There are about 65,000 people in the area. 

Have your Chicago realtor show you homes on Old Orchard Road, Golf Road, Dempster Street, Main Street, and Touhy Avenue. Also, be sure to check out people that want to sell a home in Chicago on Skokie Boulevard, Crawford Avenue, and McCormick Boulevard. These are prime locations, and people are always looking to buy within this area. If you invest in a property in this neighborhood, it may be a quick sale for you!

Rogers Park 

Rogers Park began as a farming community in about 1830 with immigrants from Germany. There are excellent Chicago properties that reflect German, English, Irish and Jewish families that moved to Rogers Park. Rogers Park is one of the most diverse communities in Chicago. Before you make your investment in this neighborhood, be sure to do your research. What is the community like? What sort of culture is present there? What strategy would work best to market your to-be property investment? 

Oak Park 

Oak Park offers easy bus and train service to downtown Chicago, a good place to start your Chicago real estate quest as many buyers are all about good commuting. About 50,000 people live in Oak Park. Some famous Oak Park residents are Carl Rogers, Ernest Hemingway, Betty White so there is a great history surrounding this area. 

Chicago is a diverse place to seek out property and it offers a lot of potential for investments. The communities have a lot to offer, and there is always an opportunity to improve your property if that’s what you’re into.

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