Why Photographs for Your Listing Are Important

To market your property, you are going to need some choice photographs. Before whipping out the camera, however, you need to give some thought to the process. 

Why Photographs Are Important

One of the most important things that will set your property apart from others is photographs. When a buyer is looking in MLS, on the internet or in some other location, photographs draw their attention. 

In the view of most buyers, the initial proof in the pudding is in photographs. Almost nobody believes any of the adjectives used in real estate advertisements. The words could mean anything. Much like a dating site, however, photographs tend to shed a more objective light on the subject. To put in practical terms, buyers don’t believe your words, but do believe your photographs. 

If you give some thought to it, you will realize that most buyers assume you will lie about your property in advertisements. Don’t take it personally. They don’t know you, so why should they trust you? Frankly, they should not. That being said, you can use this distrust to your advantage.

You would be shocked how many people put little or no effort into the photographs of their property. As an old commercial slogan stated – Image is everything. A shallow statement, but true. Your photographs represent the first curb appeal impression buyers will get of your property. If the only picture you have of your property is when it was first purchased, don’t post this one! Take new photographs, especially if you have done any renovations. 

This means you need to strongly consider hiring a professional photographer to take the photographs. They understand lighting, angles and so on. It may sound like an unnecessary expense, but it can be the difference between a sale and sitting on the market for month after month.

This may seem like an obvious tip that many people follow, but it’s not! How often do you come across a listing that only has one picture posted and it is extremely pixelated? Make your list stand out from the others and give yourself that extra advantage.  

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