A Brand New Start

Every New Year’s Day we tell ourselves the same thing. “This year will be different. I’ll make sure I accomplish my resolutions. I will save more money.” When it comes down to it, most of us fall through on the goals that we set up for ourselves. Whether it be because we forgot them, or they change, it could be a variety of reasons. One thing stays the same though, our desire for better. 

Why does New Year’s Day have to be the one holiday out of the year that we sit down and get all of our goals out on paper but we don’t create a plan or follow up with them three or five months down the line? 

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, we all know this. It’s hard to create something out of a dream and what you want in life–but you’re doing it. The thing is, we often think that we don’t need or want to change anything about our lifestyle when the reality is, we can always change for the better. 

Make your resolutions this year, follow up with them a couple of months later, and then readjust if necessary. It’s important to be constantly evolving your goals to fit your current lifestyle. If we were still using our teenage resolutions, we might have a couple more cassette tapes or playlists, finally get to the gym.

As an adult, our mindset has changed drastically from when we were in our teenage years. As people (especially entrepreneurs) we are always coming up with the newest, brightest idea and we want to be right there with society. We don’t want to miss out. So… don’t. 

When you sit down on New Year’s Day or a couple of days after, try to include a variety of goals, short term, and long term. Where do you want yourself to be six months from now? A year? Two? To be constantly thinking ahead in life is something that will differentiate yourself from the others that are in your field. 

Make your goals worth it, don’t just write down something to get it “on your list.” You are an entrepreneur, and you can do great things with the snap of your fingers. Make this year count, and forget the failures that might’ve occurred in 2019. Move on and look towards the future in 2020.

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