A Very Leafy Christmas Indeed

During the Christmas season, we often become absorbed in the holiday goodness and cheer… which is good, nobody wants a Grinch! Although it’s fun to deck your halls with boughs of holly, it’s important to remember those that are around you. 

Your journey as an entrepreneur hasn’t been easy, as a company that is founded by self-starters such as yourself, we snow the struggle all too well. We know what it takes to get up in the morning (even during Christmas) and constantly be thinking of how to improve our next big idea. We are also aware of the people that have encouraged us throughout our path of the unknown. 

The people that are placed in our lives are special and determined to see us succeed. Those that are a constant encouragement in your life deserve thanks more than ever this Christmas season. Email the professor in college that wouldn’t let you give up, give a phone call to the parent who has always been in our sidelines, hug your spouse — the one who has never given up on your dream alongside you. 

As entrepreneurs, we work hard, become absorbed in our next greatest investment or plan, and we are determined to see our ideas through… no matter how many tries it may take. Christmas (even if you choose not to celebrate) is a time that’s filled with joy. It’s about those that are around you, and people you love. 

Have the holliest, jolliest Christmas and be sure that you make the nice list, if not this year then the next! Most of all, remember to leave milk, cookies, and carrots out. Reindeer need to eat too! 

Don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas this year, and truly be present with your loved ones. Forge on fellow entrepreneurs, your next big break is coming. We can feel it. 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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