Start Upgrading Your Conversation

When you’re first starting as a real estate investor, it’s easy to question why properties aren’t flowing through your doors with ease. Your investment may be the best the world has ever seen, but without the proper education and networking skills, it’s not going to work out. As Lou Castillo (a pro real estate investor) said, “If you truly want to be successful at whatever you do, you must upgrade your conversation daily!” If you are serious about investing your money or starting a business, education and realizing the “now” is your way in. 

Get Up To Speed

 In today’s world, there are so many things that can help you pursue the best marketing strategy out there. Staying up to date on such technologies will give you a better outcome in the long run. Here are some top communities that will put you on the map and help educate you along the way: 

  • BiggerPockets 
    • BiggerPockets is a community that’s filled to the brim with real estate investors such as yourself. Many members post on forms to educate one another and ask questions. Additionally, this website also has blogs that can help you navigate difficult situations that may arise. 
  • Active Rain
    • Active Rain is similar to BiggerPockets in the sense that they both help you acclimate to the real estate world. Active Rain differs because it has licensed agents as well as investors on their website, which can give you more of a broader perspective. 
  • Popstream
    • If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve and don’t want to search through an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) website, Popstream is the way to go. It lets real estate investors find sellers that are eager to sign over their property before they are listed on an MLS website. Also, Popstream is great for finding vacant properties if you’re searching for the perfect house to flip. 

Many more tools are being added every day to the real estate investing world, and it’s important to keep up. The more properties you’re able to find in the location you want, the better for you. By networking and building your portfolio, you begin to become well known and successful. Learn from other real estate investors. What worked for them? What didn’t? Lou Castillo said, “If every day you take action in some way towards your end goal you will reach that goal!” Be constantly planning and educating yourself, and in the end, you’ll see the success. 

Challenging Yourself

If you want to have a successful outcome in your real estate investments, you need to start upgrading your conversation. This could be with sellers, buyers, other real estate agents, and so forth. If you don’t seem confident, others won’t think you’re confident. Begin to change your mindset from “how can I improve my marketing strategy to get better engagement?” To “how am I going to get potential clients bursting down my door?” Although this is a subtle change in language, it can start to impact the way you plan for your potential real estate investments. 

“Focus on what’s the one next move you could make NOW that would propel you towards your goal.” Said Lou Castillo, and it’s a true statement. It’s common to wonder how you will sway a potential client or what you can do to find the next “perfect” property. It’s simple, if you get the ball rolling today, and always strive to upgrade your daily conversation, you will be more motivated to become the investor you want to be. 

By becoming educated, networking, and challenging yourself daily, you can start to see the changes happening in your investments. Constantly be working on how to be a better investor and what will help you in the long run. Stop wasting valuable time and money trying to figure out the perfect questions to ask when a motivated seller calls. Be confident in the way you sell and make money by taking action. Don’t wait around for an opportunity to fall in your lap, go out and seek it. 

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